Insyt is a great alternative to Google Analytics!


Updated at: 2023-03-09.

This page is here to answer a few questions you may have about using our service. Our help section will be available shortly.

What is Insyt?

Pronounced "Insight" ("in·site"), our online tracking and analysis platform provides information about your website visitors and users, their origin and their behavior, so you can monitor, measure and improve your online presence.

What benefits does Insyt provide?

Insyt is an alternative, private analytics platform providing insights and measuring key performance indicators of your online presence, allowing you to know all the valuable actions and revenue being generated online.

Insyt can also help you improve your website and revenue by seeing where users are spending most of their time, the most popular areas of your website to exploit, and the drop-off in your online funnels and sales processes. All while utilizing nearly no cookies with privacy by design.

Why do I need Insyt?

Used correctly, Insyt can track all your multichannel online marketing activities. If you understand and take action on the data, this will help make your website more visible and drive more revenue by improving your online presence. On top of this, unlike other companies we do not track, store or fingerprint to our advantage. All the data on Insyt is yours. Simple to use, easy to implement, and meeting all regulatory requirements.

Will Insyt save me money?

Used correctly, interpreting the data within analytics can save you money by making you realize which marketing channels are working, and which ones need improvement, or can be dropped.

Maybe you’re paying several hundred, or a thousand dollars a year on a listing on a third party website? Using Analytics will help you know how much traffic you are getting from that link, and how many inquiries or revenue it’s driving. If it’s not driving revenue, you may be able to avoid renewing the listing, or haggle hard on the renewal price.

Will Insyt make it better for customers?

Yes! Let your customers know that you do not track them. Customers love privacy and knowing that you harness powerful analytics tools without compromising on their data, will drive confidence in your website users. Without spending some effort working out which goals and conversions you should be tracking, you’re probably not giving your marketing campaigns justice.

How much does Insyt cost?

It's free for up to 15,000 hits. We will be raising this in the near future. Pricing plans will be simple and straightforward, however most personal, small and medium-sized businesses will be satisfied with the free plan.

What happens if I hit my plan limit?

We will never turn off your analytics, whether it's an occasional traffic spike or if you're on a premium plan and the payment fails. (It's happened to all of us.) Instead, if you go over your plan for two months in a row, we'll let you know we're upgrading your plan. From there, you can decide to stay or cancel your account (no hard feelings either way).

Can I switch plans?

Of course! If you go over your limit for two months in a row, we'll offer to do that for you. Or, if you're under your current plan for two months in a row (and it's not our lowest plan already), you can downgrade from within our settings.

Can I cancel my account?


We're not interested in having someone's money if they aren't happy. So if at any point you want to cancel Insyt, you can do so right from your settings - you don't even have to call or email us (unless you have a question). There are no contracts, so anyone can cancel anytime (with a full export of your data).

What if I have another question?

Reach out to us at anytime via the contact form. We will get in touch with you and be happy to help.